Pádla Panda (Michal Mráček)



The PANDA company exists since 1992 and originally it produced wooden paddles only. At the moment, being 14 years on the market, it is able to offer its customers the broadest range of paddles in the Czech republic. It is the only company to produce wooden and plastic paddles at the same time. All these for canoes, kayaks, rafting-boats, rowing-boats, inflatable boats, dragon boats etc, and in various lenghts (including lenghts for children). Everyone will find the fitting thing for themselves!

This is especially comfortable for businesses, which can offer their customers a broad range of products and order from not more than one producer. With its foreign business-contacts is the company able to speak English and German, and to deal in Euro as well as Dollar. According to the law, each piece of paddle has a guarantee of 2 years. The paddel-logo can be changed according to the wish of the customer. All goods can be delivered all over the world.

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